Bitcoinprivacy is dead – long live bitcoinprivacy!

As you have probably noticed, our block explorer is gone. After many prolonged outages we have decided to take it down for the time being. We’re sorry.

Bitcoin Graph Explorer, the software behind the website, which we have been working on since 2011, has lately been ageing and rotting, and we never seemed to find the time to keep up with its decay. So we pulled the plug for now.

We have learned a lot from this project, and we’re deeply grateful that we took the time to work on it and that people have actually noticed and used our work. Priorities change, though, and it took us some years to realize we weren’t putting in the time needed to keep it running in a way we could be proud of.

Nowadays, every time we look at the code base, we notice there are so many things that we would do very differently if we were to start anew. Plus, today there are many similar projects that do what we have done, and arguably do it better.

So what is next for bitcoinprivacy? To be frank, we don’t know yet. We might just use it as a blog for now. We might try and use a different backend to get the explorer back online. We might come up with a brand new idea.

What is next for Bitcoin Graph Explorer? As they say, we are handing it over to the community. We have no plans to keep maintaining it at the moment, but you are free to take it and build on it, as you always have been.

What is next for us? As Satoshi said we’ve moved on to other things. But don’t worry, we’re still adding our little efforts to the greatest project of our time, Bitcoin.

So long and thanks for all the fish …

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