Look, BitcoinPrivacy is all shiny and new!

OK, so it may have appeared that we didn’t put much work in lately, what with no visible changes and no database updates for weeks. We’re sorry, but the truth is, EVERYTHING has changed in the meantime, and we could hardly keep up with all the work that was necessary to make these changes.

So we are very proud today to present the new bitcoinprivacy.net! Please, check it out! The major new feature is the built-in blockchain explorer – no more links to blockchain.info! But aside from that …

Not only does the site look nicer (bootstrap 3), but it is much more scalable, performant, safe and extensible, because we rewrote the entire thing in Play! framework with Scala. This will make it much easier to add new features.

We also felt we outgrew sqlite, so we changed to mysql, which caused us major headaches along the way.

And finally we have been on a new server for a while. This was intended to make development easier, but has uncovered lots of little problems that needed to be addressed. Addressed they have been, and we have learned a lot that should help us make BitcoinPrivacy even nicer even faster.

We hope you enjoy the new BitcoinPrivacy and give us some feedback!