Site update 2016

It’s been more than a year since our last update. A lot has changed in this year, although bitcoinprivacy still looks kind of the same. We have focused a lot on making Bitcoin Graph Explorer more stable and more accessible, so other people can enjoy it as well. We are still writing READMEs and comparing licenses, but BGE 3.0 should be out any minute now. OK, within a month. Really. We will let you know here.

But you might have noticed that the site itself has changed a little, as well. The big one is that we are now reading blocks (and rolling them back if they become orphaned out) in real time, as they appear on the network. So you can use bitcoinprivacy as an almost up-to-the-minute (it might be two minutes behind) block explorer and check what the transaction you just pushed has done to your privacy.

Then there have been lots of changes in the background, and we intend to write a series of more technical posts to share our experiences as, for example, we have switched from mysql to postgres.

And then there’s the API. You can reach it at and use it to build your own blockchain intelligence services even if you don’t want to run BGE yourself (I mean, of course you should, but then not everybody has a spare 300G — and growing quickly — SSD server). Jorge is busy writing a tutorial that explains what it can do, so expect that in the coming weeks, as well.

But in the mean time, enjoy, stable and feature complete as never before (we hope!).