Stop by and see all the beautiful new features! has seen another few rounds of improvements: we now have (mandatory) https (with a real certificate), the top 100 are now top 1000, a few new stats, and an entire new page:

Distribution of Bitcoin wealth: – not only can you play and find out how many addresses own more than X Bitcoin, and how much of the total bitcoins this is: e.g., there are 311285 addresses with more than 1 bitcoin, totalling 13621839 bitcoins, 98.56% of all bitcoins. Did you know?

We also have finally implemented the one statistic that inspired me to start this project years ago: Gini coefficient (for addresses and for closures, too). Not surprisingly, it is astronomically high at about 0.98, even when capped at the dust limit of 546 satoshi.

All of these fine numbers continually updated about 1 hour behind the blockchain, of course. Enjoy!