Welcome to bitcoinprivacy.net!

Today we are proud to launch the first official version of http://bitcoinprivacy.net, our contribution to making bitcoin a little more private for everybody. We have been working on the https://github.com/stefanwouldgo/Bitcoin-Graph-Explorer that powers this website for an astonishingly long time. Please take some time to read the FAQ and play around with the search function. If you have any suggestions,  let us know here or at info@bitcoinprivacy.net.

We are aware that our current offering looks rather humble, and there are many features we are planning to implement. Notice for example that the database is static at this point. Dynamic (near realtime) updates are among the highest priority items on our agenda. It shouldn’t take too long. More involved goals include improved heuristics (think CoinSudoku!), and maybe some nice visualization tools down the line. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see!